The trio, The trifecta

Food journalists have pinpointed 2012 as the rise of the Australian consumer demand for diner-style burgers. The appeal of great-tasting finger food that is perfectly photogenic for Instagram is obvious. But also, the American-influenced picturesque burger, fries and shake is clear in our minds. We understand that offering the complete package is important to preserve the nostalgic experience that the Australian foodie fell in love with.


To complete the trifecta, we went out of our way to offer the best fries and shakes that would excite our customers. We ensured top quality at every step, with our own twist to ensure they would stand out.

Fries come in all different shapes and sizes and places are often judged heavily by how well their fries are cooked and seasoned. This is why for our specialty, we went with waffle fries. It is a common occurrence that Australian pop culture trends often lean on American influence, and this is how most Australians were first introduced to waffle fries, but the burger industry was very slow to respond to the customer’s demand for them. We saw that Melbourne was wanting, so we provided. Our specialty waffle fries are served with our house-made Three Cheese Sauce, because obviously, everyone loves cheesy fries.


As for our shakes, we focused on quality. Thick shakes need to be thick, so we use freshly-churned gelato. They shouldn’t be bland or watery, so we go hard with our flavors. And they should be tasty, so we went with a range of flavors we felt would satisfy. We put our twist on the common staples, because we felt chocolate and caramel were a bit boring. It’s clear that our customers agree, because our Ferrero Rocher and Caramel Biscotti Thick Shakes are among our best sellers.


It’s important for us to be proud of everything we serve, and that means everything.