Burgies Campbellfield COVID-19 update

We regret to inform you that a staff member at Burgies Campbellfield has tested positive for Covid-19. Burgies Campbellfield has been declared a Tier 1 Exposure Site and is currently closed. All of our staff have been informed and will be isolating for 14 days. We are currently in discussion with authorities and are awaiting further advice.

The times of exposure as we are currently aware are:Thursday 16th September (5pm – 11:20pm)
Friday 17th September (4pm – 11:30pm)

If you have attended our store during these times, you are advised to get tested and follow DHHS procedure. We are sorry for any inconveniences caused by this and will continue to keep you all informed as soon as we receive more information.

We wish our staff member all the best in their recovery & we hope all of our customers are safe & well.

Sprucing up the place

When we were having a close look at our decor recently, we identified a few parts that weren’t up to our standard. We decided to put the work in to make sure our space was fresh, unique and inviting for our Burgies Fam.

Our first improvement we decided to make was to redesign our roadside signs. For most people driving down Sydney Road, these are our first point of contact with our potential customers, so we needed to lead with our best foot forward and show them what we have to offer.


We then designed signs for our shopfront, showing our customers our newer options, which we’ve been posting to our socials (@burgiesburgers on instagram & facebook). We are proud to display our New Mac & Cheese range, Dessert Burgies, Freshly Churned Gelato Thickshakes & Waffle Cheese Fries! We hope our new displays help whet your appetite.


Moving indoors, we had the opportunity to have LED Neon Flex signs designed for our dining area, so we jumped at the chance! We love how they turned out and are really pleased to display them in a position of prominence. We feel our signs fits in really well with our indoor up-cycled/ eco-friendly decor. The LED lights consume a fraction of the power as neon lights and the materials they are made from are eco-friendlier than glass & neon gas.


Our final change was to revamp our menus. With new digital screens and slick animated menu displays, your ordering experience couldn’t be easier! We’ve never had more imagery of our delicious food & we’re so proud to display what we have to offer


We are in the process of implementing many of these improvements at our Hoppers location, since we are so happy with how they turned out. Keep an eye out in the next weeks!

Mother’s Day

Our Mums have done more than we could possibly ask of them. They have raised us, showered us with love & support, and made us who we are today. So this Sunday, it’s our chance to show how grateful we are for everything they’ve done for us.

We want to help you make this Mother’s Day as special as possible for mum, so we’re offering scheduled Mother’s Day Pickup & Delivery! Preorder Sunday Lunch, or Sweets from Dr Donuts & choose either pick-up or delivery & we’ll make the process as stress-free and easy as possible, so you can spend more quality time with Mum!

Make sure to pre-order before Mother’s Day, because it’s first-come-first-serve on our delivery time slots. This is so we can keep on top of Mother’s Day deliveries once Sunday rolls around.


To smash, or not to smash?

We’re excited to introduce you all to our Smash Mac Burger! Our Smash Mac features our new Smashed Angus Patty, a House-made Crumbed Mac & Cheese Patty, double american cheese and Aioli & Tomato Sauce on a Brioche Bun!


You also might have noticed another new burger hiding behind the Smash Mac. We loved our new Mac & Cheese Patty so much, we decided to include it in a burger with our Herb Crusted Chicken Patty. Like the Smash Mac, our Chicken Mac features our Mac & Cheese Patty, american cheese & Sweet Chilli Mayo on a Brioche Bun!


We’re happy to announce that these burgers are available today! Head down to our Campbellfield or Hoppers Crossing stores ASAP and try ’em out. We can’t wait to hear what you think of them, so let us know!

Burgers Of Melbourne Throwback

We always enjoy an opportunity to meet our local foodies & burger enthusiasts. Since Covid, we haven’t had many opportunities to do so, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to #throwback to the times we got to hang out with Burgers of Melbourne.

We first had a meal with Burgers of Melbourne in 2017, at our Campbellfield location. We put up a pretty good spread, if we say so ourselves 😉, but you can read all about it over at burgersofmelbourne. We appreciated his review of our house-seasoned beef patty, since it’s something unique about Burgies that really represents the flavors of our home turf in the Northern Suburbs.


We got to catch up with Burgers Of Melbourne again last year when we expanded our Dessert Burgies Range! Last year was an exciting time for us, as we launched our Delivery Platform and three new Dessert Burgies. The support of our community during the lockdowns was absolutely incredible to witness and we did our best to return the favor by bringing new and exciting desserts for everyone to try. We were very fortunate to get the opportunity to film this together last June, and we had a blast collaborating!

We look forward to working with our local community more in the future and we’re always keen to meet social media influencers who are passionate about burgers! If you’re keen on collaborating with us, we’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to shoot us a DM on Instagram @burgiesburgers!

Hopper’s Motorcycle Meet-up

It’s #ThrowbackThursday so we wanted to take the time to look back to the weekends we spent getting to know our local motorcycle enthusiasts. On back-to-back weekends of Feb 27th & March 6th, we held an event at our Hopper’s Crossing location to get involved with the Melbourne Motorcycle Communities.

Hoppers motomeet

It was great fun getting to meet & hang out with Melbourne Street Riders (website), the biggest motorcycle community in Melbourne, and our local North/West community MNW Riders (FB group). Everyone had a great time trying out the Wheelie Machine, provided by Wheelie Machines Australia (website) & we appreciate them for taking the time to come out.


Burgers, Bikes & Music, what could be better? It’s not wonder that the house was packed! We wanted to thank everyone for coming out & showing us such a great time, we look forward to doing something again soon.


Earth Hour 2021


You may have seen us showcasing a few of our environmentally-conscious and sustainable practices this week. Here at Burgies, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. We have always strived towards environmentally-friendly practices and to reduce our carbon footprint. We felt this was a perfect time for us to emphasize the importance of these practices.

This year’s theme for Earth Hour 2021 is #SwitchForNature, which is encouraging the switch to more environmentally-friendly options. This is a great cause and one we have always been drawn to. We made the switch last year to renewable solar energy, which now powers the majority of our business. On top of that, our packaging does not use any virgin paper, is all 100% recyclable & our indoor dining areas are designed with up-cycled decor. While it’s very difficult for a business to operate with zero emissions, we aim to do our best and we are very proud of what we have accomplished. But we won’t stop there, we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here in Australia, more than 80% of our flowering plants, mammals, reptiles, frogs and almost 50% of our birds aren’t found anywhere else on Earth. Our country is home to incredible native species and environments, like the Great Barrier Reef, so who wouldn’t want to preserve our country’s identity?

For Earth Hour this year, we will be taking steps to reduce electricity usage from 8:30 to 9:30, and if you are doing the same, we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for doing your part.

Much Love, the Burgies fam


House-made Three Cheese Sauce

We are very proud of our Three Cheese Sauce. It’s unlike any other offered, and everything about it represents our dedication to quality at Burgies.

We have yet to find a cheese sauce being offered on the market that isn’t made with processed cheese. This is because making a sauce out of a non-processed cheese, without artificial preservatives and emulsifiers takes a lot of effort & finesse. We believe the results are well worth the effort, which is why when we designed our Burgies Menu, we put months into perfecting our cheese sauce recipe. This R&D definitely paid off, because we are incredibly proud of the end result.

Our sauce is made with a secret three-cheese blend, each cheese being of very high quality and aged for over a year before going in our sauce. Unlike the typical neon-orange, processed “cheese” sauce, we are sure that you will agree, our House-Made Sauce tastes is knocking it out of the park in the flavor department.

Our Sauce is made fresh at least twice daily, for lunch and dinner, so we can ensure the quality & consistency of each batch. During our late rush hours, we will often make a third batch of cheese sauce, to be certain of the freshness. You can find our sauce served with our Waffle Cheese Fries, our Dripping Chicken Burgie, or served separately for whatever you want to enjoy it with.

In the air tonight

At Burgies, we are constantly listening to our customers for their feedback. We aim to keep adapting and growing to meet the customer’s needs, so when we heard that our customers were wanting for a little more ‘atmosphere’, we knew that something needed to be done.

It was clear to us that our outdoor seating spaces needed a sprucing-up. We wanted our customers to be met with a warm, welcoming glow when they sat down with their meals, so to accomplish this, we decided to revamp our space with festoon lighting, which has created the perfect effect we were after.

Having recently completed the installation at our Campbellfield location, and due to the positive feedback, we decided a retouch of our Hopper’s Crossing location was in order. Have a night at Burgies to experience our new and improved outdoor dining experience!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Lets be real, if you’re a Burgies customer, you’ve obviously got great taste, so we’re sure you’ll be spending your Valentine’s Day with someone amazing. But no matter how you’re spending Valentine’s Day, make sure to check out what we have to offer, if you’re after a little extra sweetness. Working with our favorite Neighbor, we have a huge assortment of desserts for you to choose from.


From Burgies, we are supplying our Dessert Burger range, as well as our Freshly Churned Gelato Thickshakes, available in ten delicious flavors, and from Dr Donuts, we have their Fresh Brioche Donuts, available with three delicious fillings, and Churros with four available Dipping Sauces.

All of these Desserts are available for delivery from our online ordering platform, so have Valentine’s Dessert brought to your door & celebrate with your special someone.

We sincerely hope you have a nice day, no matter how or who you choose to spend it with, Happy Valentine’s Day 😍

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